From desk jobs to chef whites: How one London couple became ‘accidental entrepreneurs’

While English newspapers have been reporting on the demise of the British high street for some time now, a local business in south London is thriving. Their secret? Quality and consistency.

Miriam Partington

‘I left because of its busy lifestyle’: What to know about London’s work culture

While there are many aspects to London’s work culture that the metropolis can’t brag about, some employees told Startup Guide that things are changing in the British capital.

Miriam Partington

From London to Lisbon: how one entrepreneur learned the value of creating a community

Creating a community can be challenging. But for one entrepreneur in Lisbon, a communal table and a coffee machine might be all you need.

Miriam Partington

"There's more chance to rest later in life, and now is not the time": Insights from Monocle founder Tyler Brûlé

What was once a monthly magazine is now a global media brand. For the founder of Monocle, Tyler Brûlé, launching the company was not without its challenges.

Lee Bell

"Keep your idea a side hustle for as long as you can before turning it into your main hustle"

For one London-based serial entrepreneur and workshop facilitator, nothing kills a business idea faster than having to use it as your primary source of income.

Miriam Partington

London vs. Berlin: Which capital leads the way as Europe's top startup hub?

With Brexit on the horizon, it is anybody's guess as to whether London will sustain itself as Europe’s top city for startups.

Shelley Pascual

Startup Guide London

With its fast-paced work culture and vibrant tech sector, London has long been a notable startup hub not only in Europe, but across the globe.