Aligning solutions with corporate strategies can help startups collaborate for success

For startup founders looking to create innovative products and solutions or develop new ways of working, collaboration with a corporation can be a great starting point according to Sibylle Fischer, director of strategic venturing at Baloise Group.

Startup Guide Basel Area

How the University of Lausanne’s HUB Entrepreneurship and Innovation is supporting entrepreneurship

Switzerland has strong support for entrepreneurs, and its educational institutions are key players in the development of new ideas and technologies.

Daria Kholod

How Swiss EP brings together program managers for learning and collaboration

In the startup ecosystem, there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups to meet and learn from one another. The Swiss Entrepreneurship Program has a broader approach.

Lester Isaac Simon

Meet the lifelong entrepreneur behind Impact Hub Basel

Impact Hub Basel's cofounder Andre Moeri shares how he brought the hub to the Swiss city, and what he’s learned along the way.   

Phineas Rueckert

Can businesses combine profit with purpose? This impact entrepreneur thinks so

We sat down with the founder of B Lab Switzerland, Jonathan Normand, to discuss his mission to help businesses be a force for good.

Miriam Partington

Talking ethical entrepreneurship and fashion with Faloa’s Franziska Walser

Franziska Walser shares her story of sustainability, and offers her learnings on innovating for the fashion industry, being ethical in tech and how to live your entrepreneurial principles.

Rachel B Velebny 

Understanding Switzerland’s impact ecosystem

Discover some Swiss startups that are propelling social change.

Miriam Partington

Meet the two women bringing startups and UN agencies together for social impact

Startups, accelerators and investors are coming together with the United Nations to push social impact onto the global agenda at Davos.

Phineas Rueckert

Startup Guide Switzerland

With big money investing in big ideas, pioneering entrepreneurs across Switzerland are showing the world that impact startups aren’t just a trend – they’re the new norm.


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