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Each ecosystem profile takes a deep dive into the local community, featuring advice from experts and inspiring founders, as well as carefully curated lists of startups, coworking spaces, programs and local destinations recommended by locals. We have published books in over 60 cities worldwide, including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the USA.

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Oslo Discover Oslo

Oslo is one of the fastest-growing capitals in Europe, but it’s also small enough to give people and organizations visibility, and resourceful enough to be a pioneering springboard for ideas and growth.

The Explorer Series: Oslo

Copenhagen Discover Copenhagen

Welcome to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, nestled in the heart of Scandinavia. With a history dating back to the Viking Age, the capital of Denmark boasts a compelling heritage that comes across in its colorful architecture and historical landmarks.

The Explorer Series: Copenhagen

Berlin The right environment for change: Impact Hub Berlin is transforming impact entrepreneurship, one ecosystem at a time

Since 2013, the Berlin location of Impact Hub has been supporting startups and solo entrepreneurs devoted to environmental and social sustainability. Now its beginning a new chapter by focusing its resources on four impact areas, or “ecosystems”: circular economy, sustainable food, diversity and inclusion, and green tech.

Rachel Glassberg

Linz Starting up in Linz

Discover the innovative spirit of Linz, Austria’s small but mighty startup gem. With a thriving innovation hub, world-class infrastructure and government support, Linz is a prime destination for ambitious founders looking to conquer the market. Join the ranks of successful startups leaving their mark in Linz.

Startup Guide Linz

Warsaw Meet Joanna Drabent, cofounder and CEO of Prowly

One of Forbes’ top European female founders, Joanna Drabent describes herself as an “accidental” PR expert whose first loves are filmmaking and art. She cofounded Prowly in 2013 with Sebastian Przyborowski and in 2020 they sold the company to Semrush. 

Startup Guide Warsaw

Rio Grande do Sul Starting up in Rio Grande do Sul

With an abundance of tech talent, innovative leaders and enthusiastic public support, Rio Grande do Sul is rapidly becoming one of the most important hubs in Latin America, promising entrepreneurs a great quality of life and access to South America's common market, and putting the South of Brazil on the international startup map.

Startup Guide Rio Grande do Sul

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