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With its fast-paced work culture and vibrant tech sector, London has long been a notable startup hub not only in Europe, but across the globe.

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With over 2,000 startups, 30 accelerators and 48,000 people employed in the digital economy, London is the beating heart of the European startup scene. The UK capital has also long been known as Europe’s leading startup hotspot.

The city’s vibrant tech scene and culture of creativity and innovation allows new businesses to thrive. With a plethora of coworking spaces, accelerators, incubators and networking opportunities, London has a lot to offer startup newbies and entrepreneurs alike.


Our Startup Guide London book is filled with city-focused tips, startups, coworking spaces, programs and interviews with founders as well as experts. It gives you all the information you need to get your entrepreneurial journey started in the British metropolis.


*As part of our partnership with One Tree Planted, the purchase of this guidebook (or any of our other guidebooks) contributes toward the planting of a tree.


Note: Unfortunately, this book is not available in digital format.


Published December 2016

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I think the hallmark of being an entrepreneur is that an entrepreneur is that you try and see most problems as opportunities.
Saul KleinLocalGlobe
I believe there's more chance to rest later in life, and now is not the time.
Tyler BrûléMonocle
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