Leadership in Systemic Activism - why it's worth keeping an eye out on this 1-Year Programme by Kaospilot+ Berlin

This conversation with Sissel Hansen, Co-Founder of Startup Guide and Kaospilot+ Berlin, gives exciting insights into the new educational program starting in September 2022

Sissel Hansen

The right environment for change: Impact Hub Berlin is transforming impact entrepreneurship, one ecosystem at a time

Since 2013, the Berlin location of Impact Hub has been supporting startups and solo entrepreneurs devoted to environmental and social sustainability. Now its beginning a new chapter by focusing its resources on four impact areas, or “ecosystems”: circular economy, sustainable food, diversity and inclusion, and green tech.

Rachel Glassberg

Coworking with an impact: How Impact Hub Berlin built Europe’s largest sustainable coworking space

In a long-neglected brewery complex in the midst of Berlin’s rapidly gentrifying Neukölln neighborhood, a new kind of coworking space has taken shape: a place that’s constructed from upcycled and sustainable materials, and built to adapt to meet its community’s changing needs. Part of the global Impact Hub network, its 3,500 m2 are home to offices, workshop rooms and maker labs, within which impact-driven startups and solo entrepreneurs have the resources to address the social and environmental issues of today and tomorrow. We spoke to Impact Hub Berlin cofounder Leon Reiner about the challenges of building the new space, his company’s plans for it, and the purpose he hopes it will serve within Berlin and the world at large.

Rachel Glassberg

How Joana Breidenbach cofounded betterplace.org, Germany’s largest donation platform

Joana Breidenbach is a social entrepreneur, author and investor. She cofounded betterplace.org, Germany’s largest fundraising platform for social projects and Das Dach, a creative coworking space. Joana shares her entrepreneurial journey, the challenges she encountered, as well as the best decisions she made along the way.

Startup Guide Germany

Start planning early to prepare for an exit: Insights from KPMG’s Dr. Ashkan Kalantary

To ensure you have a successful exit, it’s important to plan early. Dr. Ashkan Kalantary, KPMG’s mergers and acquisitions partner and head of Venture Services, offers some valuable insights for founders.

Startup Guide Germany

What Christian Kroll learned founding green search engine Ecosia

Christian Kroll founded Germany’s first B Corporation, Ecosia, in 2009. The search engine invests at least 80 percent of its profits in international tree-planting and reforestation projects. Find out what Christian has learned on his entrepreneurial journey.

Startup Guide Germany

How to found a startup in Germany: What you need to know

With strong government support and dedicated initiatives to drive innovation and entrepreneurship, there’s a lot on offer for aspiring entrepreneurs and established founders across Germany.

Startup Guide Germany

Meet KAOSPILOT+ Berlin’s inspiring first graduates

KAOSPILOT+ Berlin’s Meaningful Entrepreneurship Summer School invited participants to explore new perspectives and practices within entrepreneurship by developing their own sustainable businesses. 

Hazel Boydell

Startup Guide Berlin

In recent years, Berlin has become one of the world’s most important startup capitals and is now arguably on par with major hubs like London and New York.