How to found a startup in Germany: What you need to know

With strong government support and dedicated initiatives to drive innovation and entrepreneurship, there’s a lot on offer for aspiring entrepreneurs and established founders across Germany.

Startup Guide Germany

Why early-stage startups should consider securing a corporate partnership

A corporate partnership may be helpful for founders in the early stages of their journey, says Bernhard Schambeck, head of BMW Startup Garage.

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Eight killer coworking spaces in Munich

Looking for a place to roll up your sleeves and get work done in Munich? Here’s a fresh list of the city’s top coworking spaces.

Startup Guide Munich Vol. 2

10 of the hottest startups in Munich

From healthy and affordable food for everyone to refugee integration into the workplace, our latest list of Munich-based startups to keep on your radar tackles various issues.

Startup Guide Munich Vol. 2

From B2B to deeptech: An inside look at Munich's rise as a global startup hub

Munich’s startup ecosystem is notable for its deeptech startups, B2B opportunities and corporate landscape, among other strengths.

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In Munich, social entrepreneurship is thriving. Here’s how

Upcoming impact cities worldwide, take note. Here’s how Munich’s social entrepreneurship scene has grown and thus sets a solid example for other ecosystems.

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"An impact company": Meet the founders striving to make cancer diagnosis more accurate

What’s it like and what are the hurdles that come with launching a medtech startup? The founders of Munich-based inveox share their story and advice.

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Startup founders should build diverse teams from day one. Here’s how

Berlin-based diversity and inclusion consultant, Floria Moghimi, thinks that prioritizing diversity can only be a good thing for startups. She offers tips for founders in achieving this.

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Startup Guide Munich Vol.2

Home to established business giants, Munich may be traditional but its startup scene just keeps growing and growing.