10 of the hottest startups in Munich

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08 Jul 2019

Known for its brewing tradition and world-class museums, Munich is steadily rising up the ranks to become one of the top startup hubs in Europe.

As our overview of Munich's entrepreneurial ecosystem reveals, the city has plenty to offer, including deeptech and B2B opportunities. It's also where a social impact startup scene is flourishing.

Here's a roundup of the Munich-based businesses that are helping to put their city on the global startup ecosystem map.

“We’re a provider of 3D light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology for the mobility industry, allowing intelligent machines to see and enable autonomous vehicles.” 

“We are revolutionizing the oral care market by focusing on design and affordability for consumers.”

“We automate on-site construction logistics through robotics and data analytics. We develop smart robotic elevators for industrial and construction sites, with the first application being scaffolding assembly.” 

“We digitalize parking lots and facilitate parking for drivers and car park operators through intelligent hardware and software.” 

“We support law firms and companies by automatically analyzing contracts and identifying legal risks using artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology. We enable legal professionals to do their contract analysis cheaper, faster and with fewer errors.”

“We are Germany’s first integration service provider. By taking care of recruitment, training, organization and personal development, we enable companies to integrate refugees as employees in a sustainable way – simply and professionally.”

“We are creating the digital twin of the environment. We’ve created an automated solution to process and analyze large quantities of very precise geo-image data. For example, in aerial photography, objects can be detected automatically and intelligently.”

“We build highly robust, near-field vision technology that can detect, count and track people and objects using the principle of echolocation.”

“We simplify employee training and user onboarding with step-by-step, interactive walkthroughs that increase engagement, grow retention rates, boost productivity and lower costs. We use interactive guides to make software knowledge accessible and close the knowledge gap between humans and machines.”

“Our vision is to provide convenient, healthy and affordable food for everyone. Our YFood ready-to-drink meal gives you the energy you need for the countless decisions you make each day, supplying important nutrients quickly and easily – and, above all, it’s really tasty.”

Curious to know how these startups were selected for the guidebook? After sorting through nominations from the community, a local advisory board helped us curate the final list. Read more about how our books are made here.

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Main photo of Social-Bee. All photos by Startup Guide.