How a shift from coworking space to online programs supported Impact Hub Lisbon’s growth

While the pandemic was disastrous for many organizations, Impact Hub Lisbon had its best year yet in 2020. Its success is a result of quickly pivoting from space-based activities to providing more programs and strengthening its community.

Daphne Frühmann

Coffee in, mushrooms out: This urban farmer in Lisbon is turning waste into produce

Lisbon-based entrepreneur, Natan Jacquemin, has found a way to reduce waste and grow local produce within the Portuguese capital. All it takes is used coffee grounds and a handful of mushroom seeds.

Miriam Partington

"Not the best business model": Lessons learned as an impact startup founder

After launching an impact startup which failed, Thiago Blanco learned that one of the key things he should have considered was a sustainable business model.

Miriam Partington

A day in the life of Startup Guide’s growth hacker

From making checklists to finding sources of inspiration, here’s what goes on in a typical day for the growth hacker at a publishing and media company.

Carla Napoleão

How Startup Guide’s offices became physical stores

Our stores in three European capitals house our team, showcase our guidebooks and sell products from startups around the world. But what’s the story behind how they came to be?

Miriam Partington

From London to Lisbon: how one entrepreneur learned the value of creating a community

Creating a community can be challenging. But for one entrepreneur in Lisbon, a communal table and a coffee machine might be all you need.

Miriam Partington

A newbie’s impressions and roundup of Web Summit 2018

For Shelley Pascual, Startup Guide’s editor-in-chief, Web Summit was both rewarding yet dizzying.

Shelley Pascual

How a government initiative in Lisbon is fostering entrepreneurship

With various incubators, accelerators and funding opportunities on offer, Lisbon’s government has transformed the city into an enterprising startup ecosystem.

Miriam Partington

Startup Guide Lisbon

The host of Europe’s largest tech event, Web Summit, Portugal's capital city has a rapidly expanding startup ecosystem.