Learning to trust your gut: A conversation with TeamEQ cofounder and CEO Francesca Gabetti

TeamEQ’s cofounder Francesca Gabetti shares her greatest learnings and takes us behind the scenes of her innovative SaaS platform.

Ophélie Surcouf

The deputy mayor’s ambitious plan to turn Madrid into a startup innovation hub

In an interview, the deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, explains how she plans on transforming the city’s startup ecosystem.

Marte Martin

Primed for takeoff: Spain’s startup scene and why you should launch a company in Madrid

While Spain isn’t home to many well-known startups, its entrepreneurial ecosystem is set to take off. Founders should be paying attention to Madrid, says a local venture associate.

Marte Martin

How to open a bank account as an entrepreneur in Spain

If you're moving to Spain as an entrepreneur, you’ll need to keep your cash somewhere. These are the aspects to consider when it comes to opening a Spanish bank account.

Lester Isaac Simon

Keen on becoming an intrapreneur at your company? Here are some tips

If you’re entrepreneurial and innovative but work at an established company, there are still steps you can take to get your ideas off the ground, says Soraya Ferahtia, a coach at Airbus BizLab.

Shelley Pascual

Arganzuela: the Madrid district whose startup ecosystem deserves to be put on the map

A local venture associate based in Arganzuela, Madrid, writes that his district deserves to be put on the map since it is naturally becoming a hotbed for startups.

Marte Martin

Startup Guide Madrid

With its thriving expat community and growing investment opportunities, Madrid is proving itself to be a major competitor on the European startup stage.