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The host of Europe’s largest tech event, Web Summit, Portugal's capital city has a rapidly expanding startup ecosystem.



Portugal is going through an exciting revival. Businesses are booming, incubator programs are accessible, there are lots of investors and the price of living continues to be affordable. Put all these appealing positives next to the coast and you have Lisbon, the next big startup hub in Europe.


Filled with case studies, expert advice, insights, interviews, workspaces, and useful local tid-bits, our Startup Guide Lisbon book is essential reading for anyone interested in starting a business – whether you’re new to the city, new to the startup scene, or a seasoned business veteran looking to start again.


*As part of our partnership with One Tree Planted, the purchase of this guidebook (or any of our other guidebooks) contributes toward the planting of a tree.


Note: Unfortunately, this book is not available in digital format.


Published September 2016

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Don't be afraid to fail. Always ask for advice, but in the end follow your own instincts.
Filipa NetoChic by Choice
It's easier to build something, get people in the funnel using that product and let them say what you should build next.
João RomãoGetSocial
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