Six reasons to start up in Japan

From the glimmering lights of Tokyo to the cities of Fukuoka, Sendai, Osaka and Kyoto, Japan’s pivot to a startup economy is real and growing.

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Combining golf and fertility in one successful business: Meet CURUCURU’s Yumiko Tokita

Yumiko Tokita's childhood dream was to create a company that enriches women’s lifestyles. In 2008, she founded CURUCURU to do just this.

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Meet six of Nagoya’s pioneering tech startups

Nagoya is home to Japan’s largest concentration of high-tech industries and a wide range of small and medium enterprises with excellent technological capabilities.

Startup Guide Nagoya

Starting a business in Nagoya: Everything you need to know

Nagoya is a manufacturing hub with a strong technology base and increasing institutional support for startups. Here’s what you need to know to launch a business in Japan’s fourth largest city.

Startup Guide Nagoya

How to strengthen an ecosystem: A conversation with Kyoto City Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa

Startups and scaleups have much to draw on in Kyoto, from talented graduates of the city’s excellent universities to the many tech-based companies. Kyoto City Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa shares some insights into strengthening an ecosystem.

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Five Japanese startups that are making real impact

Japan is home to a growing number of innovative companies creating positive economic, environmental and social impact. Meet five startups that are making a difference on both a local and global scale.

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Find out how Yuki Ito went from a pioneer programmer to a founder of Zest

Zest founder Yuki Ito was a pioneering female coder in Japan’s tech industry in the 1980s. Now she is helping companies maximize their potential.

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Collaborating to become future-proof: An interview with Fujitsu Accelerator’s Hirofumi Ukita

Hirofumi Ukita, the head of the Fujitsu Accelerator in Tokyo, explains the importance of startups and corporates working together, both for the mutual benefit of both parties and as a way to drive impact innovation. Hirofumi also tells Startup Guide how the accelerator leverages the corporate’s individual business units and commitment to purpose to help partnered startups.

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Startup Guide Japan

Japan is redefining what entrepreneurship can be. Known as a global leader for innovation, an energetic and hungry generation of business owners are now tackling the world’s most pressing issues head-on.