Six reasons to start up in Japan

From the glimmering lights of Tokyo to the cities of Fukuoka, Sendai, Osaka and Kyoto, Japan’s pivot to a startup economy is real and growing.

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Find out how Yuki Ito went from a pioneer programmer to a founder of Zest

Zest founder Yuki Ito was a pioneering female coder in Japan’s tech industry in the 1980s. Now she is helping companies maximize their potential.

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Bridging the culture gap: Venture Café Tokyo’s plan to develop networking in Japan

Venture Café Tokyo is the place to be for startups, entrepreneurs and innovators – international and local – in Japan. But the cultural expectations for each group can differ.

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Take a closer look at Tokyo’s top coworking spaces

A global hub for tech, design and fashion, Tokyo features no shortage of innovative and inspiring coworking spaces for both domestic and overseas startups.

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Meet the Tokyo-based startups transforming Japanese work culture

Japan’s work culture has traditionally prized corporate careers, hierarchical management styles and long working hours. These Tokyo-based startups are seeking to change that. 

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Wantedly’s founder on creating the life and career that you want

Akiko Naka traded a stable job in finance to pursue her dream of founding a tech company. In an in-depth interview, we hear about the obstacles she had to overcome to get there.

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Nine emerging startups in Tokyo

Shifting attitudes toward entrepreneurship are happening in Japan, with Tokyo drawing more attention from entrepreneurs and investors around the world. Check out these nine startups hoping to facilitate change.

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10 cities across the globe to launch your startup in 2019

While Silicon Valley has long since been a magnet for entrepreneurs, these cities elsewhere in the world are worth considering for their up-and-coming startup scenes.

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Tokyo’s status as an international hub for technology and innovation has helped revitalize the city’s startup ecosystem.