How to start a business in Barcelona

Barcelona is both a leading European city for technology and entrepreneurship and an important driver of the Spanish economy. The Catalan capital has developed a thriving coworking scene, and offers numerous accelerators and science-and-technology parks.

Startup Guide Barcelona

Highlighting our accelerator and incubator picks for entrepreneurs in Barcelona

Barcelona is an ideal hub for current and future entrepreneurs. One of its advantages, aside from its richness of culture and sunshine, is the impressive roster of accelerator and incubator programs available to entrepreneurs in the Catalan capital. 

Startup Guide Barcelona

Take a look inside Barcelona’s top coworking spaces

New to Barcelona’s startup scene? Here's a list of ten of the city's best coworking spaces. 

Startup Guide Barcelona

Learning to trust your gut: A conversation with TeamEQ cofounder and CEO Francesca Gabetti

TeamEQ’s cofounder Francesca Gabetti shares her greatest learnings and takes us behind the scenes of her innovative SaaS platform.

Ophélie Surcouf

Typeform: The Barcelona-based startup turning customer interactions into meaningful conversations

In the run-up to the launch of Startup Guide Barcelona, we chatted to the cofounders of Typeform about the challenges and rewards of running a business in the Catalonian capital. 

Miriam Partington

4YFN: How one organization is helping startups and investors think differently about the future

Organized by MWC, 4 Years from Now (4YFN) Los Angeles is connecting startups and investors across sectors and countries.

Phineas Rueckert

Sónar+D: Putting global startup ecosystems center stage

After another year of Sónar+D, Barcelona’s international creativity, technology and business congress, we sat down with curator Antonia Folguera to discuss Sónar+D’s impact on startup ecosystems worldwide.

Miriam Partington

Startup Guide Barcelona

In recent years, Barcelona has emerged as one of Europe’s leading tech hubs, with particular strength in industries such as biotech, gaming and infrastructure.