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Located between Europe and North America, Reykjavik – the world’s most northerly capital – is not just attractive to tourists, but to entrepreneurs as well.



Iceland has not only become one of the world’s most attractive tourist spots in the last few years, it’s also becoming more interesting for entrepreneurs. Situated in a perfect position between two important startup continents, North America and Europe, Reykjavik could easily turn into a long-term stopover for travelling founders.


Filled with case studies, expert advice, insights, interviews, workspaces, and useful local tid-bits, our Startup Guide Reykjavik book is essential reading for anyone interested in starting a business – whether you’re new to the city, new to the startup scene, or a seasoned business veteran looking to start again.


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Published November 2017

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It’s a roller coaster – every day is your best day or your worst day, depending on exactly what’s happening.
Jói SigurðssonCrankWheel
If you’re a founder and you’re trying to create something you believe is a break- through or a disruption, you have to be very careful not to get sidetracked.
Hilmar HalldórssonTripCreator
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