How KOBOTS is revolutionizing the construction industry

After more than 20 years of experience as a carpenter in the construction industry, Peter Hartvigsen noticed that many of his colleagues were leaving the field due to lung and breathing disorders. They were reluctantly retiring early due to bad health or lack of fulfillment and empowerment. So, Peter, CEO and founder, started KOBOTS with the desire of wanting to do things differently. Enter voice-controlled robots.

Hava Salsi

Combining architecture and data: Informed decisions for more sustainable urban design

The construction industry is responsible for nearly 40% of annual global CO2 emissions. This Swedish consultancy and software development company, Parametric Solutions, is fighting to reduce this impact, by supporting architects and property developers to make data-driven decisions in order to take the guessing game out of urban development.

Hava Salsi

How cities benefit from making sense of data and act on facts

Across the world, water is simultaneously a blessing and a curse for many cities. Some of the main challenges today include water and wastewater management, ranging from contamination of potable water to achieving adequate and sustainable water supplies.

Hava Salsi

Karma after pivoting: Meet the founder fighting food waste in Sweden and beyond

Elsa Bernadotte, the cofounder and COO of Stockholm-based food waste app, Karma, tells us how the startup came to be and the team’s takeaways from hurdles and pivots.

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Why you should care about ethical social innovation and how it can be tackled

Is the “fail fast” mentality of social startups costing vulnerable populations their safety? Here's how some entrepreneurs in the Nordics have approached innovation responsibly.

Esther Grossman & Catharina Drejer

"A safe testing ground": What it’s like pitching a Nordic startup in Singapore

Three Nordic startups keen on entering the Singaporean market reveal their takeaways from a pitch event held in April.

Shelley Pascual

Top tips for expanding your Nordic startup internationally

From getting a lawyer to learning the local language, here are some key things Nordic startups should consider when expanding abroad.

Taylor Ryan

How one Reykjavik startup’s global mindset helped it disrupt the ID verification market

We chatted to Icelandic startup Authenteq to find out how an international outlook helped them scale their business and attract the interest of world-class investors.

Miriam Partington

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Over the past ten years, the entire Nordic region’s startup ecosystem has collectively become a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.