If it's up to us, books and physical stores will never die. That’s why we have actual spaces in a few European capital cities that not only showcase our books and products from various startups and companies, but also where creativity has the opportunity to bloom.

Not only do they showcase our books, indie magazines and a range of products from startups and design companies, our stores are a starting point and testing ground for creativity and experimentation.

Whether it’s sniffing freshly printed books or holding an innovative product, we’re huge fans of physical experiences. That’s why we have stores in Lisbon and Copenhagen. Don’t expect our stores to be a conventional place that sells products. Instead, they are spaces that showcase the very best of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Official partners:

We have decided to collaborate with space experience and design studio, Toyno, on our new store locations in Lisbon and Copenhagen. In addition to improving the design experience of both stores, Toyno has helped us transform them into spaces where people can learn, collaborate and get inspired.

Heftwerk is a Berlin-based network that supplies all the services needed for the creation of a publication, from planning and production to shipment and distribution. We’ve been working with Heftwerk for print and fulfillment services for our guidebooks. As avid supporters of indie publishers, we also have a selection of established and new, hot off the press magazines in Heftwerk’s catalog available in our stores.