Guide’s Powering Institution

Any initiative on innovation and its ecosystem in the state of Rio Grande do Sul would be incomplete without Sebrae RS and its innovation vertical, SebraeX. 

A thriving innovative culture

Rio Grande do Sul has placed innovation at the center of its development strategy. As a cross-cutting theme, we talk to all sectors, offering relevant solutions in the face of the rapid changes we are experiencing. Therefore, the promotion of startups as the engine of the new economy is a priority for the State.

Starting up in Rio Grande do Sul

With an abundance of tech talent, innovative leaders and enthusiastic public support, Rio Grande do Sul is rapidly becoming one of the most important hubs in Latin America, promising entrepreneurs a great quality of life and access to South America's common market, and putting the South of Brazil on the international startup map.

Startup Guide Rio Grande do Sul

Startup Guide Rio Grande do Sul

With a rapidly growing number of startups and increasing investment, Rio Grande do Sul is proving itself as one of the leading innovation hubs in Brazil.