Guide’s Powering Institution

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22 Nov 2023

ny initiative on innovation and its ecosystem in the state of Rio Grande do Sul would be incomplete without Sebrae RS and its innovation vertical, SebraeX. For the last eight years, we have helped to accelerate more than nine hundred startups in different stages of maturity. Despite the impact in our regional ecosystem, we still didn’t have an efficient publicity strategy that shows the world the favorable conditions to undertake an innovative business in Rio Grande do Sul.

Combining these two circumstances, the remarkable performance of Sebrae RS and the lack of a publicity tool, our conviction was born to support the Startup Guide Rio Grande do Sul, an important vehicle for attracting companies, entrepreneurs and investors.

With nine local innovation ecosystems mapped by Sebrae, Rio Grande do Sul presents itself as an attractive place for anyone who wants to start, develop, accelerate and even scale their business with the conviction that there will be institutions, such as Sebrae, ready to welcome, train and mentor startups on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Sebrae is one of the most solid institutions in Brazil, and its programs for startups guarantee connections between private and public institutions for the development of public policies to support innovation. This condition is essential for establishing the necessary infrastructure to attract new talent, who will find here a healthy and friendly environment eager to receive new companies and investors.

In this context, the Startup Guide Rio Grande do Sul is an open window, whose view reveals a state with many attractions to all those looking for a destination to install their startup or looking to invest in those already here. They can be certain that they will find all the conditions they need and, above all, people willing to receive and welcome them.

André V. de Godoy, 
CEO - Sebrae RS
VP – State Council for Debureaucratization and Entrepreneurship