How Bosun Tijani built Co-Creation Hub, Lagos’ tech innovation center

Africa’s leading technology-innovation ecosystem builder, CcHUB is dedicated to accelerating the application of science, technology and social capital for economic prosperity.

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Meet Jessica Colaço, cofounder of iHub and Brave

The cofounder of innovation center iHub and HR-tech company Brave shares her entrepreneurial journey and offers some insights into Nairobi’s startup ecosystem.

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How to start a business in Nairobi

Nairobi is East Africa’s leading tech hub. With solid infrastructure and a young and enthusiastic workforce, there’s lots of opportunity here for entrepreneurs.

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How to leverage technology to overcome adversity: Insights from SAP’s Hardeep Sound

Hardeep Sound, regional leader for East Africa at SAP, offers valuable advice on how to best use technology in times of adversity.

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How four Nairobi startups are rethinking supply and logistics

Efficient and reliable supply of goods is vital to economic success and quality of life. In a region that has real challenges with infrastructure, innovation in this realm can make a big difference. Here are some of the inspiring startups rethinking supply and logistics in Nairobi.

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Three Nairobi programs supporting impactful entrepreneurs

A quickly growing startup hub, Nairobi has much to offer impact-focused entrepreneurs. Are you looking for business support in Nairobi? Here are some of the local programs helping entrepreneurs make their purpose-driven concepts a reality.

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Want to launch a business in Africa? These four cities are great places to start

Discover the impact-focused entrepreneurs and the fascinating startup ecosystems in Accra, Kigali, Lagos and Nairobi.

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Startup Guide Nairobi

Known as the Silicon Savannah, Nairobi is home to one of the most mature startup ecosystems in Africa and is a leader in mobile technology. It’s also home to a growing number of impact-focused startups using tech for social and environmental good.