Integrating values and purpose for entrepreneurial success: How BYU’s Scott Petersen approaches business

Can entrepreneurs succeed while remaining true to their family, faith and community?

Lester Isaac Simon

HanaHaus takes aim at becoming a coworking hub for Southern California’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

HanaHaus, a coworking space run by SAP with two locations, southern California and northern California, has a new, exciting take on the shared work environment model. 

Phineas Rueckert

Six shining coworking spaces in LA

LA’s startup scene is heating up. With that momentum comes the necessity to house the creatives, tech types and entrepreneurs that are helping make waves in the city. Check out these six coworking spaces that could become your next work base.

Startup Guide Los Angeles

These eight LA startups are heating up the scene

Though Los Angeles has a reputation of being the global symbol of arts and entertainment, California’s largest city is also well on its way to nurturing creatives and tech types interested in founding the businesses of tomorrow.

Startup Guide Los Angeles

4YFN: How one organization is helping startups and investors think differently about the future

Organized by MWC, 4 Years from Now (4YFN) Los Angeles is connecting startups and investors across sectors and countries.

Phineas Rueckert

"Not just about Hollywood": LA writes the script for impact entrepreneurship

Having shaken off its tired reputation as a city of showbiz and stardom, Los Angeles is becoming a mecca for impact startups of all stripes. 

Miriam Partington

Startup Guide Los Angeles

Los Angeles has long been a haven for creators. But what was once an auspicious ecosystem for the arts has quickly transformed into a bonafide startup mecca.


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EXPLORE Los Angeles