How ecotourism is bringing new opportunity to Egypt’s Nubian communities

Ahmed Yehia, founder of ECO Group, shares his experience of creating responsible tourism and provides some insights to aspiring founders.

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Meet Tarek El-Kady, the man behind Egypt’s Techne Summit

Tarek El-Kady, the founder of Techne, shares his experience of Alexandria’s startup ecosystem and some insights into what makes a successful business event.

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How Sarah El Battouty established ECOnsult, Egypt’s first environmental design consultancy

ECOnsult founder Sarah El Battouty shares her experiences and discusses the unique challenges of launching during the Arab Spring.

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Discover six of Egypt’s most impactful startups

Egypt is seeing a new generation of impact-focused founders working on solutions to both local and global challenges. Ventures in eco tourism, recycling and alternative technologies have emerged, as well as social enterprises dedicated to making life more equitable.

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Understanding Egypt’s startup ecosystem

As the bridge between Africa and the Middle East, Egypt is a very attractive market for both investors and entrepreneurs. With the energy of one of the biggest youth populations in the world, the nation is well equipped to make a name for itself as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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How banks have a big stake in the entrepreneurship game

"The easier we make banking, the better it is for everyone,” says ALEXBANK’s Ramy Taha.

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How young entrepreneurs in Cairo are driving the local startup scene

Fueled by an ambitious and socially conscious youth and a surge of government support, entrepreneurship in Cairo has truly taken off in the last decade.

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One of the fastest growing startup ecosystems in the world, Egypt is home to a new generation of entrepreneurs looking to redefine business and society in the region and beyond.