Embracing change as opportunity: Startup Guide joins forces with KAOSPILOT+ Berlin

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23 Jun 2020

here’s no doubt that 2020 has been a period of change and uncertainty so far. Across the globe, communities have been hugely affected by COVID-19 and political unrest, and many of us are more aware than ever of the impact of climate change.

To encourage a new way of thinking and support aspiring entrepreneurs in creating meaningful products and services, Startup Guide has joined forces with KAOSPILOT+ Berlin. Together, they have created the Meaningful Entrepreneurship Summer School, an online course that invites participants to explore new perspectives and practices within entrepreneurship by developing their own sustainable idea and business, inspired and guided by leading entrepreneurs and experts from the field. 

Startup Guide’s founder and CEO Sissel Hansen is also a cofounder of KAOSPILOT+ Berlin and will teach in the summer school. She explains why the course is more timely than ever.

What is the Meaningful Entrepreneurship Summer School, and why launch it now?

The program is a one-month learning experience that is entirely online, but it’s not just videos and course notes. It’s a highly interactive course with a lot of collaboration among peers and experts through online workshops. The focus is on sustainable entrepreneurship, both in terms of encouraging businesses that have a positive impact on the world and creating ones that can withstand change.

I think it’s hugely relevant at this time, when we’re seeing people be laid off, losing their jobs, or having to completely change their roles. These circumstances make people consider what’s important to them and how adaptable they can be. The course simply provides them with the tools to realize their ideas.

What’s the relationship between Startup Guide and Kaospilot?

Before I founded Startup Guide, I was enrolled in Kaospilot in Aarhus and truly believe that it’s an invaluable organization for aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs. I actually didn’t finish the program because Startup Guide took off, but I’ve remained interested in what they’re doing. When the opportunity came up to be a part of their new initiative, KAOSPILOT+ Berlin, I jumped at the chance.

The Meaningful Entrepreneurship Summer School is a great fit with Startup Guide’s own mission, which is to inspire and equip aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their own ventures. In 2019, we committed to focusing on sustainable businesses and impact entrepreneurship. I think that we have a responsibility to contribute to the narrative of what good business means today. So the program ties in really well with this mission – it supports aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to tackle big, world-changing problems and create innovative solutions. I’m excited to be a part of this.

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