Our diverse list of the top startups in Tel Aviv

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04 Dec 2018

erhaps it’s Tel Aviv’s admirable commitment to innovation, the quick minds of its inhabitants or the lack of hierarchy in its culture that makes the city’s startup ecosystem one of the best outside of the USA.

Bursting with fashion, design and nightlife, “The Nonstop City” of Tel Aviv is booming, with startups getting much of the action. As a huge tech and entrepreneurship center, Tel Aviv has been compared with Silicon Valley due to its ability to attract intelligent and creative tech talent.

To help you get to grips with the key players in Tel Aviv, we’ve rounded up a list of the city’s tip top startups, complete with their elevator pitches. All of the startups are featured in our Startup Guide Tel Aviv book, should you want to read more about them.

Headquarters of Airobotics. The company was founded in 2014 by Ran Krauss and Meir Kliner.

1– Airobotics

Airobotics has a fully automated, industrial-grade drone platform certified to fly without a human operator.

With a mix of its cofounders unique skills and creating a positive contribution to the world, Argus focus on cyber security.

2 – Argus Cyber Security

Argus Cyber Security helps automakers, tier-one suppliers, and fleet managers prevent, understand and respond to automotive cyberattacks.

Founded in 2011, Biocatch tackles all types of fraud detection related to software.

3 – Biocatch

Biocatch is a behavioral biometrics company. It provides banks, large financial institutions and e-commerce companies with the option to do fraud mitigation and continuous authentication.

Drupe's cofounders Assaf Ziv and Barak Witkowski. The startup was chosen by Google as one of 2016’s best apps with an average rating of 4.6.

4 – drupe

Drupe rethinks the mobile user experience with a new interface that revolves around people instead of apps.

Engie's idea emerge from its founders frustations about poorly service in car repairs. Seen in the picture are the cofounders, Gal Aharon, Alon Hendelman and Yarden Gross.

5 – Engie

Engie connects to your car’s computer and gives you updated information on your vehicle’s diagnostics and fuel consumption. In the event of a vehicle malfunction, Engie will send real-time quotes from nearby mechanics directly to your phone.

Founded in 2014 by Smadar Landau Feelter aims to solve time-consuming online shopping experience.

6 – Feelter

Feelter improves sales and consumer engagement in online shopping by providing highly curated social content on the web. As a software platform with advanced algorithms, Feelter supports consumer decisions and eliminates the need to leave an online retailer’s site.

Hargol's cofounders are turning seasonal farming into intensive farming.

7 – Hargol FoodTech

Hargol FoodTech says it’s the world’s first commercial grasshopper farm.

HT Bioimaging founder, Shani Toledano, imagines a world where cancer is detected at a very early stage.

8 – HT BioImaging

HT BioImaging is committed to saving the lives and improving the quality of life of cancer patients. The company has developed an accurate, real-time, non-invasive medical imaging system for early detection and diagnosis of cancer and other pathologies.

Lemonade is taking a disruptive approach to an industry known for its gray and boring.

9 – Lemonade

Lemonade offers homeowners and renters full-stack insurance powered by AI and behavioral economics. In addition to promising zero paperwork and rewriting insurance as a social good, Lemonade also donates underwriting profits to nonprofit organizations.

Nexar CEO Eran Shir and his former Yahoo! colleague Bruno Fernanez-Ruiz founded Nexar in early 2015.

10– Nexar

With the mission of eliminating car collisions, Nexar has built the first open vehicle-to-vehicle network that connects cars and alerts drivers of imminent collisions. Using the data they car-source from their network of vehicles, Nexar provides data products for the automotive, municipal and insurance industries.

prooV headquarters based in Tel Aviv.

11 – prooV

Proov’s SaaS platform streamlines the entire proof-of-concept process. Startups and enterprises on prooV can open PoC opportunities for their technology needs, and test and evaluate hundreds of innovative software solutions by running PoCs on dedicated, secure, data-rich testing environments.

The Ripples Maker is currently sold commercially to any company that wants to do real-time content marketing with a fun twist.

12 – Ripples

The vision at Ripples is to enable brands to reach their customers in a unique way that won’t just bring a smile to their faces, but will leave them smiling long after they finish their drink.

Zest's founders, Yam Regev and Idan Yalovich. The platform makes keeping up with the constant changes in content marketing easy.

13 – Zest

Zest is a new-tab feed of content suggested by marketers, for marketers. The company decentralizes professional content discovery by harnessing the power of the many. Zest’s platform allows professionals from different verticals to suggest and filter content they believe other colleagues should consume.

Just so you’re aware of how we selected the startups in Tel Aviv, we sorted through hundreds of nominations from the community before a local advisory board helped us curate the final list.

All photos: Startup Guide

*This article was originally published on October 17th, 2018 and updated on December 4th, 2018