Why startups should attend SFF x SWITCH in Singapore

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18 Oct 2019

Taking place from November 11th to 15th in Singapore, SFF x SWITCH showcases the latest advancements in fintech and deep tech across five key verticals: advanced manufacturing and engineering, urban solutions and sustainability, health and biomedical sciences, digital economy and fintech.

Beyond simply being a technology festival, SFF x SWITCH is where regional and global startups, investors and industry players come together to collaborate. It is a prime spot for entrepreneurs to grow their networks, seek out new business opportunities and gain valuable feedback.

“SFF x SWITCH is the foremost global platform to bridge technology and innovation with industry needs through cross-border and interdisciplinary collaboration,” says Jonathan Lim, Director of Global Innovation Network, Enterprise Singapore. “Startups can look forward to meeting and matching with corporates and financial institutions, as well as international investors.”

Here, we take a closer look at just four reasons why startups in the deep tech space should attend SSF x SWITCH.

1.Meet key players in the regional and global innovation ecosystem

At every stage of the startup journey, expanding your network is always a good idea. Whether you need help getting your product off the ground or simply need advice on how to begin your global expansion, SFF x SWITCH is a great place for startups to meet and connect with ecosystem players across the ASEAN region and beyond.

With a pool of corporates, investors, accelerators and researchers attending the event, entrepreneurs can gain access to a pool of international experts and mentors and find opportunities for partnerships.

As part of the Innovation Lab Crawl, which presents opportunities for participants to network with innovation players, a number of labs across Singapore will be open for visits from November 14th to 15th. Startups attending SFF x SWITCH can also connect with a range of corporates like ST Engineering as well as other key industry leaders. 

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2.Hear inspiring keynotes and leadership dialogues

For emerging companies seeking new inspiration, SFF x SWITCH’s extensive lineup of speakers will be discussing topics from ethical finance and investment to the opportunities in AI and machine learning.

Names to look out for include Dr. Phillipp Gneiting, the Head of Open Innovation at Daimler AG, Dado Banatao, Managing Partner at Tallwood Venture Capital, and Dr. Ayesha Khanna, the cofounder and CEO of Singapore-based artificial intelligence advisory firm, Addo.Ai.

Be sure to attend the track on ‘Sustaining the Future of Humanity,’ which will take a deep dive into technological advancements in food, water and energy. Speakers will discuss everything from the circular economy to sustainable food production and will propose questions about what our future world should look like.

3.Discover new and emerging technologies

Technology is accelerating at such a rapid pace that it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest innovations. SFF x SWITCH brings the latest ideas, products and services in technology into one place by showcasing a range of homegrown and international startups and corporations across the fintech and deep tech domains. 

Startups developing sustainable solutions in clean tech, food tech, smart energy and more will be exhibiting their solutions – including South Korea’s Innerbottle, a zero-waste packaging solution, and Hydroemission, a Singapore-based company that leverages science to solve a number of environmental challenges. 

To provide further insights into emerging technologies across the global startup ecosystem, two competitions will also be taking place in tandem with SFF x SWITCH.

4.Strike deals with leading investors

This year, SFF x SWITCH aims to strengthen the Singapore startup ecosystem by matching investors with high-potential tech startups and encouraging more deal flow in the ASEAN region.

Startups at every stage of growth can look forward to finding opportunities for funding from a global network of investors and financial institutions with the various deal-making and technology-matching platforms at the event.

Deal Mixer, an investor-startup matchmaking event, will take place at the Singapore Innovation Ecosystem Booth on November 11th and 12th, from 5 PM to 6 PM. Startups will be matched to companies and investors based on their industry and profile. In addition to networking, Deal Mixer will feature Q&A sessions between startups and leading investors.

Meanwhile, TechInnovation, a premier technology-to-industry matching platform, will be taking place at SFF x SWITCH to connect companies with global technology providers.

To discover more about what SFF x SWITCH has to offer to startups, head to the official event page here.