Where to work

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14 Nov 2023

Whether you're a digital nomad or remote worker, Oslo offers numerous coworking spaces tailored to different needs, such as TheFactory (thefactory.no), MESH (meshcommunity.com), and 657 Oslo (657.no). Many provide well-equipped workstations, meeting rooms and networking opportunities. 

Additionally, Oslo boasts a strong café culture, and many cafés offer free Wi-Fi, making them great spots to work. Some popular choices include Tim Wendelboe (timwendelboe.no), Fuglen (fuglen.no) and Java Kaffebar (javamocca.no). These locations offer not only a comfortable working environment but also excellent coffee and a taste of local Oslo culture while you work. Whether you prefer a dedicated coworking space or a cozy café, Oslo offers a variety of options to suit your work style.