Where to work

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21 Nov 2023

Coworking spaces and cafes have become increasingly popular in the city, catering to freelancers, digital nomads and startups. Spaces like SOHO (soho.dk) and the Camp (thecamp.io) provide modern facilities, a collaborative atmosphere and networking opportunities. Many coworking spaces offer flexible membership plans, allowing individuals to choose from daily, weekly or monthly options to suit their needs. 

For a more laid-back and casual work setting, internet cafes are abundant in Copenhagen. Cafes such as Democratic Coffee (Instagram: @democraticcoffeebar), Paludan Bog & Cafe (Instagram @paludanbogcafe) and the Living Room (thelivingroom.dk) all offer free Wi-Fi and a cozy ambiance, making them ideal places to work, socialize and enjoy a cup of coffee. With a thriving entrepreneurial scene and a penchant for innovative workspaces, Copenhagen ensures that both locals and visitors can find their ideal work environment.