Welcome to the startup ecosystem in Rio Grande do Sul!

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10 Aug 2023

ere you will find a thriving business environment, universities, innovation hubs, companies, technology parks, acceleration programs, major events, funding agencies, inspiring cases, a public power willing to invest in innovation and local entrepreneurs ready to move forward with global connections.

We are experiencing a special moment in our history, and Startup Guide comes in at the right moment. This is the first guide in Latin America; we are excited to bring it to Rio Grande do Sul!

Rio Grande do Sul stands out in the national scene in numerous ways. In tourism, our mountains and our seashore are famous postcards. Economically speaking, we are nationally recognized for the power of agribusiness, our excellent metalworking industry, our health industry, and our ability to develop knowledge and talent. We are one of the states that produces the most scientific research in Brazil.

Porto Alegre stands out as one of the major cities in Brazil in terms of number of startups and investment funds. We are close to countries such as Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina, and to great city centers such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

To understand the potential of Rio Grande do Sul, it is important to observe our collaborative movements.

To understand the potential of Rio Grande do Sul, it is important to observe our collaborative movements. Our three largest universities cooperate and stimulate the innovation environment through an unprecedented movement called Alliance for Innovation. In Porto Alegre, private initiatives, public authorities, universities and civil society form the Pact for Innovation, bringing together more than ninety institutions by sharing high-impact projects, spreading in regional movements.  

In Porto Alegre, entrepreneurs gather through the Caldeira Institute; in the mountains, companies seek innovation through the Helice Institute; in Passo Fundo,  they unite through their business alliance. Sebrae, our main sponsor, has as its main objective, to accelerate one thousand new businesses in the short term.

You are welcome to join us in this great movement.

Paulo Renato Ardenghi Rizzardi,