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22 Nov 2023

Industry: ESG/Sustainability/Environment

We are a digital platform operating in the environmental area and focused on delivering sustainability indicators, improving information handling, governance, compliance and transparency of waste-management processes.

Founded in 2015, MyWaste (MeuResiduo) is a digital platform that tracks the course of industrial waste from production to final disposal or transformation by collecting data from different players. Working with environmental departments of companies, the platform allows control of the entire waste chain, creating a database that helps businesses comply with ESG standards and environmental legislation while raising awareness and setting best practices. “At the beginning of our journey, we received a request to develop an application for a company to track their waste course, so we started to look into this market and spotted a gap,” says Fábio Tusset, CEO and cofounder. The database allows the startup to propose new environmental goals to clients in order to better cooperate with public institutions in reducing the impact of waste on the environment.

— Photos by MyWaste

Starting as an individual project, the company was granted a federal equity-free fund in 2022 that helps pay the costs of the business. “As a SaaS business, our main challenge is to boost the waste market’s digitalization, even though it is not a priority for many businesses yet,” says Fábio. However, the growing attention to environmental issues is leading to legislative changes. “Governments increasingly require detailed reports on how companies dispose of the waste they produce, so software that tracks the history will speed up and ease the whole process.” MyWaste also matches supply and demand by connecting companies willing to sell their recyclables to a local waste marketplace, oSucateiro, which became its partner in 2022.

— Photos by MyWaste

MyWaste, which has around 150 clients, is currently operational in twenty states of Brazil and in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Angola. The headquarters is hosted at TecnoUnisc, the University of Santa Cruz do Sul’s tech park, which allows the company to develop a strategic network and connect with students interested in innovation. The startup offers its fifteen employees the possibility to work on-site or remotely and organizes regular meetings and events to share best practices and set new team goals. MyWaste pays attention to the gender balance by aiming for an equal presence of both men and women. “What is important for us is to hire local people with a background related to waste management and environmental subjects, in order to better interact with clients and discuss their specific needs,” says Fábio.


  • Participating in an entrepreneurship program at Stanford University in the Silicon Valley in 2016.
  • Participating in its first acceleration program, 100+ Accelerator AB Inbev, in 2018.
  • Reaching 100 customers in 2021.
  • Beginning expansion in 2022.