Warsaw University of Technology Business School

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22 Sep 2023
We educate flexible, responsible, competent and versatile business leaders who can adapt to even the most volatile and uncertain business environment and who understand the role and potential of new technologies in modern management.

The Warsaw University of Technology Business School was established in 1991 in a joint initiative with the Warsaw University of Technology, London Business School, Norwegian School of Economics and HEC Paris. The MBA program was one of the first MBA programs in Poland, launched in 1992. 

The MBA programs are interwoven with technological studies and innovation. “This immersion,” says Dr. Grazyna Rembielak, director of the Quality and Development Department, “is written into the DNA of the Warsaw University of Technology.” Students can take an Executive MBA or choose the MBA program with one of three specializations: Digital Transformation, Finance and Technology, or Kaizen Industry 4.0. What is unique about the methods of the school, says Grazyna, is the focus placed on “experiential learning through practice.” Students are also expected to learn to empathize and understand themselves and their partners, acquiring the soft skills needed in leadership. As opposed to the traditional one-way transfer of knowledge from the lecturer to students, the classes are based on the notion of cocreation and the exchange of knowledge between the lecturer and the students, and also between the students themselves.

The Executive MBA program is the school’s flagship program and is based on a three pillars approach: Knowledge for Business (aiming to consolidate and systemize knowledge), Business in Action (putting the acquired knowledge into practice) and Personal Development: Transformation Labs (highlighting the strength of the students and potential development areas). Another notable program offered at the school is Total Design Management, created and run in cooperation with the Institute of Industrial Design. This program deals with business and design, paying particular attention to the benefits of innovation within the Polish market. The structure of the program is based mainly on workshops that allow students to acquire design manager competencies.


  • Be clear on your motivations.
    We offer a selection of different programs, each with its own unique expectations and requirements, and we pride ourselves on having a tough selection process. We advise you to ask questions to clarify your expectations before applying. 
  • Talk to us. 
    Do your research and compare us to our competitors. Read about our alumni’s experiences. Reach out and talk to us. This way you can be absolutely sure that our programs are right for you. We are looking for those who are sure about their desire to join us. 
  • Be yourself.
    We are looking out for a personality match and not just qualifications. Approach us and be yourself.
  • Bring your work experience to the table.
    Extensive experience in the workplace is highly recommended. We accept candidates with various backgrounds and working experience, but for some programs managerial experience is preferred.


Total enrollment: 571 (2020)

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