Wangara Green Ventures

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01 Jan 2024

Sector: Green business

We are an impact investment firm that aims to support small and growing businesses with strong climate-impact, job-creation and financial-return potential.

Wangara Green Ventures is an impact investment firm that supports small and growing green businesses that propose viable solutions to real-world problems. It plans to invest $50,000–$500,000 through equity and quasi-equity instruments and to provide technical assistance to portfolio companies. The firm prioritizes early- and growth-stage businesses in renewable energy, waste management, energy efficiency, climate-smart agriculture and water management, but is open to other ventures with a climate-friendly aspect. 

The firm was launched in June 2019 by Ebenezer Arthur and is sponsored by Innohub Foundation through the Ghana Climate Venture Facility from the World Bank with support from the governments of Denmark and the Netherlands. Innohub is a business accelerator and impact investment platform that was cofounded by Ebenezer and assists SMEs with the potential for high growth and high impact to become investment-ready, sustainable and scalable. Wangara Green Ventures has invested in Cleanearth Scientific, a water-services business. Formerly a family business, a new CEO brought innovative change to Cleanearth Scientific and Wangara Green Ventures found the decision to invest easy because of the solid management and governance structures in place and because the renewed business fit well within its investment mandate. 

The best way for a startup to approach Wangara independently is through its website contact form, but it also connects with startups by working with Innohub and the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre. In addition, it is open to referrals from other investors who pass on a startup because it does not fit their mandate. Ebenezer says his biggest tip is that deals come from other investors. “When startups approach investors and, for the investor, it is not a fit, they should not shy away from asking whether they are happy to recommend them,” he says.


  • Have a good promoter and a strong team. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses because even if all other criteria are met, if we are not comfortable with the team, we will not go forward.
  • Demonstrate that your business is gaining traction and is financially viable. Prove to us that your idea resonates with potential customers, even if you’re not currently making sales. We prefer businesses with sales traction and clear financial viability.
  • Address a real problem. We are trying to address the key issues affecting the immediate population and your idea should offer real solutions.
  • Commit to good corporate governance and financial management. Even if you’re an early-stage startup, you should be able to prove you have a structure to your decision-making process, that there’s proper financial reporting and that you’re paying your taxes.

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