Vibee Unimed

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22 Nov 2023

Sector: Lajeado

Vibee Unimed offers customized acceleration programs to healthcare startups. It leverages fifty years of experience to help entrepreneurs understand the industry and achieve success. The program evaluates startups based on the team’s quality, believing that exceptional teams create solutions that truly make a positive impact on people’s lives. Its acceleration program provides an individualized service tailored to each startup, so every company has a unique acceleration path focused on the challenges and opportunities it is experiencing. “Accelerating startups in the health area is much more than helping entrepreneurs create good businesses,” says Rafael Zanatta, head of Vibee Unimed. “It’s about creating an environment where people will have access to new solutions and, because of that, have a much better life.” 

Selected Portfolio Companies: 

Fix It, Cor.Sync, Syntalgae, Benvo, Cíngulo

Who should apply:

Health and healthcare sector startups that are in the validation and operation phases.


Main photo: Joel Eduardo Haas Oliveira