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08 Sep 2023

Sector: sector-agnostic

Ventiur, a pioneer business accelerator in southern Brazil, was established in 2013. It has implemented a network of startups, investors, tech partners, research institutions and other stakeholders. “We understand how hard it is to build up an innovative business, and that is why we value purpose and focus on networking,” says Carlos Klein, investment director and cofounder of the company. Although currently shifting to a more segmented approach, over the years the business accelerator has built ten investment vehicles, most of them sector-agnostic. However, in 2019 the company implemented its first investment vehicle to boost innovation in the agribusiness segment, a leading sector of the Brazilian economy, and this currently funds twelve businesses. Overall, more than seventy startups have been backed by a pool of three hundred investors.

We avoid investing in one single person, as we look for the ability to bring people together.

The next challenges for Ventiur is a new fund to increase participation and leverage the best startups in the portfolio and the implementation of a healthtech investment vehicle to both bridge the gaps of the public health service and stimulate the digitalization of the sector at the same time. “We saw early opportunities in the field, and we can help turn projects into reality, generating benefits for the community,” says Carlos. Ventiur seeks businesses that can multiply the original investment by thirty and entrepreneurs who work in teams, have a tech basis with potential scalability, and operate in a huge market. “We avoid investing in one single person, as we look for the ability to bring people together,” he says. The company invests in startups for a period of five to ten years. “In the long run, partners’ views may diverge and obstacles may occur. For this reason, a team is vital to compensate for the shortcomings of one of the members for a while.”