University of Rwanda 

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01 Jan 2024
The University of Rwanda is a leading young university determined to produce graduates who are innovators and leaders. Its Executive MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship aims to give entrepreneurs a results-oriented education while they run their business.

Founded in Kenya in 2014 by Audrey Cheng, Moringa School’s mission is to transform higher education throughout Africa and enable its graduates to be globally competitive. Its curriculum consists of pre-prep, prep and core modules for software development and data science. The school provides experienced trainers and mentors, a blended learning model that combines hands-on teaching with virtual modules, and a market- and outcomes-driven curriculum to train Africa’s future engineers. It has supported the placement of more than 85 percent of its graduates into leading companies throughout Africa and across the globe. Tuition fees are paid by sponsoring partners.

The Moringa School launched in Kigali in 2018, in partnership with the ICT Chamber and PSF and funded by GIZ. So far, seventy-six students from two women-only cohorts have graduated from its WeCode course, a version of the software-development program. The first of these cohorts had a job placement rate of 88 percent. “Some of the institutions where our graduates are currently employed include Irembo Gov, MobiCash, Awesomity Lab and Andela,” Audrey says.

The University of Rwanda was formed through the consolidation of seven higher learning institutions to create one public entity representing Rwanda’s academic ability. Since its foundation in 2013, the university has proved to be a forward-thinking and innovative institution that prepares students to engage with a global economy and academic ecosystem. It offers a wide range of programs, many of which include interdisciplinary courses in partnership with universities abroad.

One of the university’s six colleges, the College of Business and Economics has four core campuses in Gikondo, Huye, Nyagatare and Rusizi. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs including several MBAs and aspires to be a central pillar in the East African business community. It has a mission to engage in research and community service and promote democratic culture for the development of the country. The college’s graduates form a network of entrepreneurs who embody its core values of innovation, excellence and community engagement.

The Executive MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship is offered in partnership with Milan’s Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, from which participants receive their diploma. This unique program admits up to sixty students in each cohort and is ideal for entrepreneurs who have a concept or existing business to which they can apply their education in real time. It is taught using a blended learning method with intensive weeks of in-class lessons as well as distance learning. Throughout the program, students have a dedicated business coach who provides individual support. Over fifteen months, students move through three key phases, each including a boot camp component and a competition. The program allows students to learn concepts such as strategizing, problem solving and scaling and apply them to their individual enterprises.


Aspire to be an employer and an active member of your industry.
We’re looking for people who want to involve themselves in Rwanda’s economy and make meaningful differences in the lives of others.

Have an idea with a social or environmental impact.
The Executive MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship is designed to support individuals who have already begun building their business, either conceptually or in reality, and we prefer ideas with impact at their core. 

Be a problem solver.
We’re looking for people who are proactive and innovative and who aim to find solutions both in their business and in society at large.

Meet our minimum entry requirements.
Each program has different requirements. We ask that all applicants to the Executive MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship have a bachelor’s degree with honors and can demonstrate sufficient English language ability.


Total enrollment: 10,000 (2020)

Application can be sent via:

Main photo by Alex Niragira