University of Passo Fundo (UPF)

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22 Nov 2023

The University of Passo Fundo (UPF) is one of the most important universities in the North of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. 

Founded fifty-five years ago, it has become a center of innovation and scientific development. With over ninety thousand graduates, the presence of UPF in the region has changed destinies and brought social, economic, scientific and cultural development to more than one hundred and fifty cities nearby. Its Scientific and Technological Park is dedicated to startup advancement and innovative entrepreneurship. Most of the research accomplished at UPF Park is focused on issues of sustainable agriculture, health tech, education and other regional challenges such as service provision. Working closely with government and companies, the university enables the generation and spread of knowledge. 

Location: ‍

Passo Fundo

Nearby Transit Connections: 

Campus I is conveniently located between two major highways that cross the city, with most local bus lines stopping at the university campus.

Price of Tuition: 

Courses start at R$436 (US$85) per month.

Entry Requirements: 

Students must have a complete high school diploma. Admissions are based on the local university test or on the national entrance exam (ENEM).

Main photo: UPF Press Office