University of Lagos

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22 Sep 2023
We are the university of first choice and the nation’s pride in Nigeria. We are a cosmopolitan university with an entrepreneurial spirit, allowing students to have an understanding of business and their chosen field of studies upon graduation.

Founded in 1962, the University of Lagos was one of the first universities established in Nigeria after independence. It now has one of the largest university student bodies in the country, with over 55,000 students studying each year across twelve faculties. There are eighty undergraduate and 110 postgraduate programs across three Lagos campuses – two in Yaba, and one in Surulere. 

What makes the University of Lagos different from other institutions is its commitment to entrepreneurship. All students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels must take an entrepreneurship course. “Every student has to understand how to turn their studies into an enterprise,” says Sunday Adebisi, associate professor and director of the Entrepreneurship and Skills Development Centre. In addition to this course, students can participate in a number of activities provided by the entrepreneurship center, some of which are sponsored by corporations. These include hackathons, design-thinking workshops and an on-campus incubator where students and faculty can turn their ideas into businesses. “For us to provide solutions to unemployment, we must make people think through the system, develop their idea into a business and create more jobs,” says Sunday.

The school’s Executive MBA is a two-year program for individuals with senior management experience at corporations. The program often helps them move on to more senior positions within their organizations. Tuition is ₦2,000,000 ($5,300) per year, and there’s a ₦22,500 ($60) application fee. There are four focuses for students to choose from: management, marketing, human resources management, and product and operations management. Students work on a number of applied cases each semester, while completing group work and networking with their peers. Each student must take a corporate entrepreneurship module and complete cases in entrepreneurship. “Entrepreneurs developed America,” says Sunday. “We’re trying to provide that entrepreneurial culture as a university.”


Bring a solid foundation.
We’re looking for students who have successfully passed their high school education and are driven to take their education to the next level.

Showcase who you are.
We want to know what drives you, what makes you unique and what you want to accomplish so we can help you get there.

Highlight your community service.
We enjoy working with people who have completed community service at an NGO or as part of a government program.

Have an entrepreneurial spirit.
We want students to be excited about taking entrepreneurship classes and starting a business before they leave university.

Give back to the community.
Because we are located close to the Makoko slums, we want students to have an interest in working on solutions that will benefit these communities.

Total enrollment:

55,000 (2017)

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