University of Arts Linz

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20 Sep 2023
At the University of Arts Linz we bring together the best young minds of the arts and tech fields with professionals and researchers working at the forefront of innovation to work together in creating more socially conscious solutions for all aspects of life’s design.

Sustainable and critical design, post-digital cultures, contemporary art, cultural studies and transformative education: these are the cornerstones of the University of Arts Linz. Pillars of identity that make it possible to expand the spectrum of influence and innovation the University has within the fields of design, technology, art, science and society. The University of Arts Linz hosts programs from various sectors, from fashion to robotics, all with the primary goal of inspiring its students with thoughtful, sustainable and critical values for the creation of analog and technological design for a post-digital world. 

Ranking as the most international university in the Upper Austria area, with 38 percent of its student body composed of international students, the University of Arts Linz is dedicated to having its values reflected not only in its teachers and students but also in its buildings; student projects like the BASEhabitat are turning campus architecture green. Most of all, the University is dedicated to giving its students the real-world education and resources necessary to become business-oriented and well-educated innovators who will become pioneers in design and tech, no matter their fields. With a plethora of prospective students each year, the University’s combination of digital and analog, with entrepreneurial, applied and critical-reflective mentality, enables teaching, research and art to be done in conjunction with partners from culture, business, society, crafts and industry from across Austria and abroad. Most recently, with the conclusion of the latest agreement with the Ministry of Science, the University achieved the highest financial increase among Austrian art universities, a distinguishable vote of confidence and recognition of the impact students and researchers have had at the forefront of design innovation in the country. Finally, there are also agreements with industry – in the study of industrial design or the area of creative robotics – as well as with the city of Linz to further design innovation in the region.


  • Have concrete ideas. We are looking for creative minds that can think of new solutions to daily problems of the real world.
  • Be socially conscious. At University of Arts Linz we are not only looking for great minds, but also great leaders. Our students should be driven by social change and societal improvement. 
  • Work across mediums. As we now embark into a post-digital era, our students need to be aware of a variety of mediums for their design applications, always keeping in mind that innovation comes in both analog and digital formats. 
  • Be part of the community. Linz is a rich and vibrant community, with opportunities extending from NGOs to startups. Participate in events and networking within the city, and learn more about the needs and wants of your fellow residents.

Total Enrollment:

200 (year)

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Main Photo by: Mark Sengstbratl