Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM)

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22 Nov 2023

Founded in 1960, UFSM (Universidade Federal de Santa Maria) has established itself as a distinguished institution in Brazil’s higher education system.

With additional campuses in Cachoeira do Sul, Frederico Westphalen, Palmeira das Missões and Silveira Martins, the university aims to deliver high-quality education and prioritizes research and creativity. Some of UFSM’s noteworthy features include the university hospital (HUSM), the technological and scientific park (InovaTec) and the startup incubator (Pulsar). The goal of these initiatives is to promote entrepreneurship by allowing students to participate in development programs. UFSM is recognized for having one of the best student-support programs among public universities in South America. Additionally, the school maintains a strong connection with local businesses through outreach initiatives such as the Creative District. It empowers students with internships, work opportunities and specialized training courses to transform them into capable leaders and pioneers.

Location: ‍

Santa Maria

Nearby Transit Connections: 

University-provided buses. Nearest bus stop: Camobi.

Price of Tuition: 

Public university with no fees for undergraduate and graduate courses.

Entry Requirements: 

Entrance tests and program-specific criteria.

Main photo: Ana Alicia Pontelli