Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul (UNISC)

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22 Nov 2023

UNISC (Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul) was built through collective efforts of the local community in 1962. 

UNISC is committed to acting and focusing on the importance of higher education as a social development resource. It is a non-profit institution, with a democratic and participatory management structure from faculty members to directors and rectory. It offers not only learning and teaching but also health, social and legal services to its communities through programs focusing on the most vulnerable populations. 

Currently, UNISC runs sixty undergraduate programs in all areas of knowledge, in addition to nine masters and six doctoral programs. UNISC is recognized as a university that invests in quality of research, technology, teaching and internationalization. It also supports innovation environments through the Regional Science and Technology Park, Tecnounisc. 

Location: ‍

Santa Cruz do Sul

Nearby Transit Connections: 

10 Esmeralda/Arroio Grande, 12 Esmeralda/Santo Antônio, 22 Bom Fim/São Luis, 38 Menino Deus/Ebert, and 40 Santa Maria/Castelo Branco.

Price of Tuition: 

Tuition is variable across programs, ranging from US$2,880 to US$24,000 per year. 

Entry Requirements: 

For undergraduate programs, the requirements are high school completion, entrance exam organized by UNISC, and Portuguese knowledge (required for all levels). For graduate programs, the requirements are a bachelor’s degree, a preliminary research project and a recommendation letter.

Main photo: Junior Garcez