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08 Sep 2023

Founded in 1969, UNISINOS University seeks innovative solutions to society’s challenges by valuing education and contributing to a more plural and democratic environment.

It was the first Brazilian university to be a reference hub for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, and it offers on-site and distance courses as well as hybrid options. It also develops partnerships with the private sector and other universities in Brazil and abroad. Through the UNISINOS Innovation Portal, the institution is connected to the market, turning research and technology into practical solutions and stimulating the competitiveness of the country. São Leopoldo Science Park – Tecnosinos is one of the most well established parks in Latin America with more than twenty years of experience. Through its startup incubator, Incubadora UNISINOS (UNITEC), the university also links academic knowledge to a business mindset.

— Photo by Aurora Imagens

Location: ‍

Campus in São Leopoldo and Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

Nearby Transit Connections: 

Municipal, metropolitan, intercity and door-to-door transport lines. In addition to public transport, the Circular line also runs through the campus, between Unisinos Train Station and São Leopoldo campus

Price of Tuition: 

Course fees vary significantly depending on the course and level. Contact the university for more information.

Entry Requirements: 

Entrance Examination and ENEM score