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20 Sep 2023
We provide an automated mobility analytics platform, focused on reducing emissions and enabling sustainable mobility solutions to enable more sustainability for you and your employees.

CEO Sebastian Tanzer founded triply with his cofounder and CTO Christopher Stelzmüller right after finishing school. Both being from rural areas in Austria, they were motivated to develop better mobility solutions for underserved communities with limited access to public transportation. "As software engineers, we started asking ourselves how we could optimize the system and affect change sustainably," says Sebastian.

Triply was then established in 2018 and initially worked with event management companies to design shuttle routes for large festivals. However, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted the company to shift its focus to corporate mobility. "We're now collaborating with companies across Europe to help them understand the costs, both financial and environmental, of their mobility and improve employee satisfaction when commuting," Sebastian adds.

Triply has evolved from its academic origins into a valuable service that helps companies understand mobility patterns and how to improve them, while also promoting more climate-conscious practices. "We don't provide mobility solutions, but we help companies understand and create roadmaps for sustainable mobility." Triply's team has grown from its original team of two, to ten employees, all working towards reshaping how companies approach mobility across Europe.


  • Having its first customer after founding in 2018.
  • Hiring their first employee later on that same year.
  • Shifting its focus from events to serving corporate clients, attracting repeat customers in 2021.
  • Bringing together its ten-person team in a single office for the first time.

Main Photo by: Antje Wolm