The Technical University of Kenya

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01 Jan 2024
We provide technological education and training and contribute towards the advancement of society through research and innovation.

The Technical University of Kenya (TU-K) was chartered in 2013 and grew out of Kenya Polytechnic. The school seeks to provide its students with the technological skills needed to contribute to the advancement of society through research and innovation and has a focus on providing training in real-world skills. “The Technical University of Kenya is undoubtedly the only university in Kenya where degree programs are characterized by a significant dose of technological advancement,” says Dr. Ken Ramani, the school’s director of communications and public affairs. TU-K offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in three faculties: Applied Sciences and Technology, Engineering and the Built Environment, and Social Sciences and Technology.

Within the Social Sciences and Technology faculty, the School of Business and Management Studies offers diploma programs, undergraduate business courses and a two-year MBA program with a technological focus. The MBA program launched in 2018 and accepts up to fifteen students per year. It has three overall goals: to provide the necessary knowledge in general and specific areas of business and management; to prepare students to implement a variety of innovative development activities;
and to ready trainers, researchers and administrators for programs supporting enterprise development. Students must choose a specialization from finance, accounting, and entrepreneurship and innovation management. The program uses industry-based learning and emphasizes the importance of pairing technological innovation with contemporary business practices, seeing this combination as critical to moving Kenyan society forward.


  • Have the relevant educational requirements.
    There are different requirements for each program. All candidates for the MBA program must hold at least a second class (upper division) honors bachelor’s degree.
  • Show us your work experience.
    Some programs will accept students with a lower academic background if they have relevant work experience. MBA candidates with a lower degree must either have a postgraduate certificate in a relevant field and one year of experience, or two years of experience in a relevant field.
  • Be motivated.
    We look for students who are excited about their program of study and keen to contribute towards the advancement of society through research and innovation.
  • Be prepared to collaborate.
    We value team spirit and students should be prepared to work collaboratively to maximize the institution’s total productivity.


Students per year: 3,500

Application can be sent via:

Main photo by Peter Irungu