TedPrime Hub

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21 Sep 2023
We aim to bridge the gap between education, technology and Skills between the Global North and  Nigeria by providing schools, teachers, students and policy administrators the necessary skills through sustainable partnerships.

As an educator himself with over 17 years’ experience in classroom, Olalekan understands the struggles that education spectrum in Nigeria face including dearth of skills, innovative practices that could revitalize education policies, connectivity and learning resources. In 2016, he co-founded TedPrime Hub with Co-founder Ayodele Odeogbola and since then, the organization has trained thousands of teachers through its Teach Right Program, Codeliners Project, STEM Her and Girls Can Code to train STEM Teachers in Ogun State and other neighbouring states on coding, robotics with over 300 coding clubs in these states through United States Embassy, IREX US and other global organizations.

The organization was the first to work with state government (Ogun State) to drive Ogun DigiClass – a digital platform to equip learning across the country and few other nations on virtual learning during the pandemic. The initiative received over 3 million access to learners and teachers according to the analytics and survey. The initiative has cascaded into improving on the success story to further design Teachers’ Resource Cloud for both 26,000+ teachers and over 1 million students in Ogun State with digitized and contextualized lesson plans.

On its research and development capacity on low-cost digital infrastructure in education, TedPrime Hub designed Edubox Technology, a portable and durable remote access device that provides millions of digital learning contents for K1- K12 learners as open-source educational materials and accessible to 40-50 students at a goal. The need analysis curated from this research were mainly the lack of access to connectivity, the cost of bandwidth and internet issues and ethics in school system which has always been a source of worry and distraction for both students, teachers and education policy makers. “No matter where students are in the country, they can get access to quality materials” says Olalekan. Since winning, the organization has launched and deployed the device in about 50 learning environments such as schools, tech hubs, libraries and correctional centres. The product has also received endorsements as one of the top 50 technology innovations in Africa by the African Union in 2019 and an endorsement by the Open University, UK.

As a Global Training Partner for Microsoft, the organization has supported state governments in Nigeria and Government of Ghana in revitalizing teacher training development for teachers particularly with KA Technologies and Ghana Education Services both in Ghana on the curation of teacher professional development digital resources and program for over 280,000 teachers under its One Teacher One Laptop Project. The organization recently launched a Microsoft National Agro-Tech Hackathon with Sterling Bank Plc and Nigeria’s National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) to identify, equip and recognize top 10 startups in Agric-Tech in the area of supply chain and technology integration.

By democratizing skills and development across board, the organization has instituted a low-cost STEM Makerspace for community teenagers to equip them on coding, robotics and programming.

The organization has also developed a dedicated educator-led community platform where over 1,4000 members from Nigeria and few other countries are active members. This was nurtured as an initiative to provide exclusive opportunities and pre-service and in-service educators with professional and global practices that transform education in local contexts.

Funding History:

TedPrime Hub was initially bootstrapped. It has been receiving grants from the US Consulate Lagos, the Kind Foundation and University of Delaware to support its skills and entrepreneurship programs and education and technology consultation services in Nigeria and Africa and has raised over N91million ($213,000+) in form of grants, incubation support, technology services and turnover from 2018 till date and has supported many local tech organizations, public education, and education-led event as a social enterprise.


  • Expansion of training and skills development to other African countries
  • Expansion of Tech Startups Opportunities and Programmes for Nigeria youths in other critical sectors of the economy for the next decade
  • Expansion of digital education transformation across all states of Nigeria and Africa
  • Launching of Education and Skills digital platform for non-formal sector youths.