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20 Sep 2023

Sector: Technology-focused

tech2b is the largest startup support hub in Upper Austria, offering several levels of acceleration programs to guide entrepreneurs through founding and growing a business. As tech2b’s marketing communication manager Maria Hochmayr says, “We believe that the solutions to the great challenges of our time will come from startups and we want to support them.” That support begins before a founder even applies, when they meet with tech2b coaches to discuss the idea and choose the right program. The Ideate program provides six months of support for early stage startups to turn ideas into business plans. Next are the Activate and Incubate programs, where founders receive individual coaching, monetary support up to €125,000 ($137,477), access to tech2b alumni such as Tractive, and help in approaching their first investors or customers. Finally, the Growth program Business2Excellence helps startups accelerate their expansion after market entry. tech2b also offers a program called PIER4 that connects startups from around the world with leading companies in Upper Austria.

At the Activate and Incubate stage, tech2b offers programs targeted at startups in the technology, medical technology, tourism and hardware sectors. tech2b also runs programs specifically for female founders and greentech startups, each with an extra monetary fund. Across all programs, founders receive assistance for every aspect of founding a company, including legal considerations, financial planning, choosing their business model, securing certification or patents if necessary, and implementing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in their business models. Once admitted, startups can choose from workspaces at JKU, Techcenter and Tabakfabrik.

Besides formal programs, tech2b offers a wide range of events, from small lectures on topics such as mental health to large networking events. tech2b is also part of the hub,ert network of startup support in Linz, giving founders access to a wide range of services and support. “That’s what makes our region unique. We have so many organizations working together for founders in Upper Austria,” says Maria.


Have an idea that is tech-based and forward thinking. We’re looking for startups with innovative ideas that are technology-based, knowledge-intensive and mindful of sustainability.

Be based in Upper Austria. We want startups that will turn into scalable, growth-oriented companies that contribute to the economy of our region.

Take advantage of the pre-application meeting. Applications are reviewed by our advisory board and we want to help you and your idea succeed.

Aim for the right program. It is not necessary to start with the Ideate program, but startups must complete the Activate program before moving on to Incubate, or must be referred from the aws incubator in Vienna.

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Main Photo by: tech2b / Andreas Balon