Strathmore University

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01 Jan 2024
Strathmore University is a world-class private university offering programs in accountancy, business, management, law and more. Our MBA program is designed to develop the general management skills of results-oriented professionals with reasonable career experience.

Strathmore University was founded in 1961 as a sixth form college offering classes in arts and sciences. It has since grown into a private university offering a wide range of programs, and is regarded as one of the best academic institutions in Kenya. The founding of Strathmore Business School (SBS) in 2005 marked a new era in the university’s history. With an aim to transform leadership in Africa, SBS has become
a thought leader and a place where some of the brightest minds on the continent learn and teach. The school uses globally tried and tested teaching methodology and has partnerships with both international and local industry experts and other academic institutions.

The MBA program is targeted at experienced managers from all sectors. It aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills and values to excel in both local and international management responsibilities. The program emphasizes key principles of applied business practice: critical and strategic thinking, an integrated view of an organization across its various functions, organizational leadership, personal and organizational ethics, and communication. 

Strathmore University is also home to two forward-thinking centers: @iLabAfrica and @iBizAfrica. @iLabAfrica focuses on research and innovation in the ICT sector in support of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and Kenya’s Vision 2030. Working closely with the UN and more than eight hundred institutions, universities, NGOs, foundations and governments, it has undertaken projects in e-health, data science, IoT and digital learning. @iBizAfrica is an incubator with the aim of fostering entrepreneurship and innovation across Kenya. It has connected more than four hundred startups to potential partners and investors. @iBizAfrica allows the startup ecosystem to work inside of the university infrastructure, benefiting both the entrepreneurial scene and the wider community. It has a number of initiatives, including the @iBizAfrica Open Innovation Programme, Standard Chartered Women in Tech Programme, Idea Foundation Seed Stage Accelerator, World Bank Negawatt Challenge and Safaricom’s App Whizz Challenge.


  • Be able to express yourself adequately and efficiently.
    Applicants to Strathmore University don’t necessarily need to be eloquent, but those who are able to share their ideas and feelings in a manner that is respectful, concise and clear are preferred. 
  • Be ambitious and have a plan to achieve your goals.
    Applicants to professional courses and leadership and management programs should be planning to take their career to the next level, whether they’re aiming for an executive position or to start their own business.
  • Have the required experience.
    Each program has specific requirements. Applicants to the MBA program should have already started on their career path and have at least two years of managerial experience.
  • Be prepared for the program you apply to.
    Our MBA program focuses on practical aspects of business such as decision making and conceptualization, rather than being a theoretical course, so applicants should be prepared for this.


Total enrollment: 6,500 (2019)

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