SAP Next-Gen’s global gender agenda and its trailblazing leaders

SAP Next-Gen’s global gender agenda raises ambitions for achieving gender equality, which is vital to the culture and success of every company, from small startups to large corporates. 

Lester Isaac Simon

Startup Guide’s manifesto on sustainability and impact

The founder of Startup Guide shares how the company has shifted from sharing stories to driving sustainable business and impact entrepreneurship.

Sissel Hansen

Talking ethical entrepreneurship and fashion with Faloa’s Franziska Walser

Franziska Walser shares her story of sustainability, and offers her learnings on innovating for the fashion industry, being ethical in tech and how to live your entrepreneurial principles.

Rachel B Velebny 

4YFN: How one organization is helping startups and investors think differently about the future

Organized by MWC, 4 Years from Now (4YFN) Los Angeles is connecting startups and investors across sectors and countries.

Phineas Rueckert

Startup Guide is helping to plant a tree with each book sold

As Startup Guide makes the move toward focusing on purposeful businesses, we thought we’d consider ways in which we, as a company, can make a small difference in the world.

Miriam Partington

These five startups show social entrepreneurship in Singapore is thriving

From empowering migrants to making sure drinking water is safe, there’s no shortage of enterprises in Singapore that are intent on fulfilling clear social goals.

Shelley Pascual