Start planning early to prepare for an exit: Insights from KPMG’s Dr. Ashkan Kalantary

To ensure you have a successful exit, it’s important to plan early. Dr. Ashkan Kalantary, KPMG’s mergers and acquisitions partner and head of Venture Services, offers some valuable insights for founders.

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100 startup steps: From ideation to the first $1 million in sales

From securing investment capital to scaling your company, here are the steps you can take to get to a million dollars in sales in no time.

Ryan Allis

Entering the innovation age and looking to the future

The world isn’t as bad as we think, according to entrepreneur Ryan Allis. With the start of the innovation age and a rising number of innovations, there’s hope for our future in many areas of society.

Ryan Allis

The history of entrepreneurship from ancient trade to the industrial age

Merchants and explorers were the world’s earliest entrepreneurs. By raising capital, taking risks and stimulating economic growth, they laid the foundation for the market system we have today.

Ryan Allis

"The 30 most important lessons I learned from founding a startup": Insights from Ryan Allis

From ridding yourself of the fear of failure to learning how to create deadlines, these lessons learned can inspire you to get where you need to go.

Ryan Allis

The world is actually getting better: Part 1

A world where every person has access to food, water and the latest technology could be within reach, even in our lifetime. But what more can be done to create a sustainable world?

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