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20 Sep 2023

Sector: sector-agnostic

We are Linz’s leading business angel network with a wealth of experience in investing in pre-seed startups across all sectors. We help innovative startups to reach their full potential through our community of passionate and ambitious entrepreneurs, experts and visionaries.

With a wealth of experience from a community of passionate and innovative entrepreneurs, experts and business angels, startup300 offers events, spaces, capital and advice to help support startups and established companies in their digital transformation. Initially launched as a business angel network in 2017, startup300 began with eighty-three shareholders who invested in a portfolio of pre-seed startups across all industries. During the first two years, they invested in twenty different organizations and one of their first investments was in Pioneers, the largest startup festival in Austria, which was also home to the startup consultancy Pioneers Discover that helped seedling businesses utilize tools, methods and software to develop and expand their business. This was swiftly followed by an investment in Conda, the crowdfunding platform. As their portfolio grew, so did their offering to startups and they began to develop a platform of services to help businesses reach their potential. Following a number of management buyouts and a company reorganization and restructure, startup300 returned to its roots as an investor in pre-seed startups, with a particular focus on businesses in the tech industry.

Fast forward to 2023, startup300 now has a portfolio of twenty-seven startups and is committed to helping these businesses transform and evolve and adapt to ever-changing market conditions. Alongside their investment portfolio, they are also founders of factory300 and Strada del Startup, a coworking space and serviced office provider and community. startup300 is convinced that digitalization offers enormous opportunities for founders and corporations alike. They typically invest between 50,000 to 160,000 ($55,000 to $175,000) and are particularly interested to hear from businesses who are focused on digital transformation and innovation through technology. With every investment they make, they aim to support the startup at every stage, offering advice, support and knowledge as well as access to coinvestors and potential further funding opportunities.

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Main Photo by: startup300 AG