Startup Lab 

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22 Nov 2023

Sector: sector-agnostic

Startup Lab is a state government program led by Rio Grande do Sul’s Secretariat for Innovation, Science and Technology. The program focuses on local development using open innovation to promote economic recovery in the state, bringing established companies closer to startups to solve problems. As a result, Startup Lab encourages new technology-based businesses with different players’ support in their innovation ecosystem. 

Startup Lab’s open innovation method is based on cycles of five steps: activation (actors are mobilized), adherence (partner companies commit to the project), approach (approaching invited startups), action (startups develop a proof of concept) and assessment (analysis of the startup’s projects). Established companies list innovation challenges every cycle, and startups sign up for business rounds. The program has also developed training courses for innovation agents and companies and provided startups with financial support to participate in major events and fairs. 

Selected Portfolio Companies: 

Legacy 360, AlgaSul Biotecnologia de Microalgas

Who should apply:

Open to startups with innovative solutions looking to scale up or seeking investment, and to established companies aiming to accelerate their digital and technological development through these startups’ ideas.


Main photo: Maurício Tonetto / Gustavo Mansur / Sict/RS