Startup Hub Poland

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22 Sep 2023

Sector: Technology, Acceleration

We help the most disruptive and innovative pioneers across the CEE region to engage with outstanding Polish opportunities and organizations. We offer exceptional advice, multiple programs and unparalleled connections to help your startup thrive in Poland and beyond.

In 2012, a group of Polish investors, startup founders and innovation brokers – Marek Borzetowski, Zygmunt Grajkowski, Robert Dziubłowski, Marek Trojanowicz and Maciej Sadowski – saw an opportunity to create a startup hub in Poland. Their ultimate goal was to create a one-stop-shop for startups and innovators in the CEE region, offering organizations and individuals the resources, expertise and network to expand and become competitors on the global stage. Since its inception, the Startup Hub Poland’s offering has evolved from collaborative initiatives with a select network of partners into in-house programs and one-to-one assistance. It has also built an unparalleled network and community that helps give companies the best possible start when launching or scaling their businesses. With connections across the globe, it also serves as a signposting and matchmaking service, connecting companies and investors and building a pipeline of businesses for a worldwide audience.

Throughout the year, the Hub adapts and develops its partnerships and programs according to demand and market need. One long-standing program it has overseen and managed is the Warsaw Booster. Working with the City of Warsaw, the free acceleration program is offered to young and ambitious startups and founders in the tech industry. In 2018 and 2019, the Hub was also responsible for the pilot program by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP), called the Poland Prize, which helped teams from outside of the CEE region to expand into those markets. Twenty-six new companies were incorporated in Poland following this initiative. In 2020, the Hub worked with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, PARP and GOVTECH on the Poland Business Harbour program, which helped Belarusian teams to develop their businesses through financial and expert support. Having built a solid network and ecosystem within Poland and beyond, the Hub is uniquely positioned to act as a conduit and conductor for startups with global ambitions.


Be ambitious yet humble.
Be hungry to grow and succeed. It goes without saying that you need to be ambitious, but we want you to be humble when receiving feedback and open to rethinking key principles of your business. 

Have an evenly balanced team.
Bring a broad and varied skill set to the table. You need to show that your collective experience encompasses a diverse range of areas and that you are also aware of the gaps in knowledge.

Have a unique product or business.
Business models can be copied easily, but unique products and technology can and must be protected.

Get ready to test your product.
We want you to test, test and test your product. We will put you through your paces to make sure that your product and business has a viable and sustainable future and the potential to grow exponentially.

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