Startup Cities: Miami's New Vice

16 Nov 2018

s a collaboration between Startup Guide and, Startup Cities explores entrepreneurial ecosystems across the world and captures their unique aspects. The second episode takes place in Miami.

After kicking off the series with Berlin Buzz, this time we’ve flown across the Atlantic to Miami. While the city's startup ecosystem is relatively young, it’s fast gaining a reputation as an entrepreneurial metropolis.

With a cultural heritage that combines the American dream with a strong influence from Latin America, Miami is a bridge not only between two continents, but between various cultures.

“The cool thing about Miami is that no matter where you come from, or who you are, you can pull up a chair and start building,” Raul Moas, program director at Knight Foundation, tells the presenter Matt.

Miami has undergone a transformation from a tourist and real estate economy to a place with innovative startups, an array of arts and culture and a burgeoning tech industry.

One of the places Matt takes us to is Wynwood, a colorful neighborhood known for being an entertainment hub. We also take a peek at Unbound Miami, a global conference that connects brands and corporates with disruptive technology.  

With interviews featuring representatives from coworking space CIC Miami and a startup called Chargello, this episode shows us that Miami’s community truly is diverse and the city’s entrepreneurial spirit is embedded into its very DNA.